Friday, July 3, 2009

Wobbly Times number 9

Unemployment in the USA now (7/3/09) stands at 9.5%. That's over 14.7 million workers.

From "Hallelujah I'm a Bum"

I worked overtime

like a big greedy slob

now the warehouse is full

and I'm out of a job

Hallelujah I'm a bum

Hallelujah bum again

Halleluha give us a hand out

to revive us again

Shorter work time with no cut in pay would solve the problem of unemployment, drive wages up and give workers a better crack at organising unions to protect their living standards from encroachments by their employers. You have to take responsibility, get yourself organised in the IWW and add your voice to the call for, THE FOUR HOUR DAY WITH NO CUT IN PAY.

You have to stand up for yourself or the bosses will ride roughshod over you. If you want to remain a wage-slave, just keep your mouth shut, shake hands with your boss and look wise.

Mike B)

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