Friday, August 28, 2009

Wobbly Times number 19

Winter's End
The bees are humming

around the rosemary

The Sun is warm

in ice-cold air

My garlic is sprouting

green rocket head

up through composted

ever ancient Australian soil

And I'm reading Carl Sandburg's

The People yes part 99

dressed in heat soaking black

beret Basque atop my naked head

dragonfly passing pollen

sipping nectar

me too


The Sun shrouded behind windblown clouds

nightshade on the mind

a hint of nuclear winter

makes my toes turn cold




The page regains its friendly hue

Sandberg speaks to me

to my way of thinking
echoes from a time gone by
and yet

Hope is with the general course of history

and the people make history

and tend towards freedom
as they stumble on

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