Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wobbly Times number 43

Question from a pal of mine:

What does "revolution" really mean to you and are you ready to fight one? Remember that thought, speech and action have consequence.

Social revolution means a change in the system of production/consumption. The peacefulness or violence of that change has nothing to do with the change itself.

Socialism would be the revolutionary change I'm struggling for. It is the common ownership of the means of production under the direct control of the producers in a classless (and therefore Stateless) society. Socialism is the total abolition of wage-labour and the implementation of production for use and need plus, the abolition of commodity production, all of which, I think, are absolutely necessary to sustain socialism. The retention of commodity production would sow the seeds of socialism's destruction and the re-creation of class society with unequal political power among individuals.

Socialism has yet to appear in world history. Yet, the word 'socialism' has been used to describe various political governments some of which have undergone political revolutions i.e. changing ruling classes and the retention of the political State to manage wag-slavery. However, the system of socialism has never yet been in existence and will never come into existence until the workers of the world organise themselves into One Big class-wide, grassroots-democratic Union. Only then, will the workers have the power to change the system of production/consumption and make the social revolution.

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