Monday, August 2, 2010

Wobbly Times number 70

Make 'em

Keep 'em tied to the capitalist system
That's what our rulers say
Give 'em healthcare tied to keeping their jobs
so they don't go getting all class conscious
and organising to demand more wages
free healthcare, shorter work time and the like
Make 'em think that meaning in life is tied to having kids
in private school
and a house with a mortgage hanging over their heads
for the rest of their working lives
Make 'em believe that more debt slavery
is freedom,
'trade in your union cards
for credit cards'
Have 'em sit in front of their masters' voice
during their free-time,
'listening for the new told lies
with supreme visions of lonely tunes'
tie their retirement to
the stock market gambling machine
via 401Ks and superannuation
Make 'em truly believe they have a stake
in the system of wage-slavery

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