Monday, January 10, 2011

Wobbly times number 97


1. There is no afterlife, so stop worrying about death.

2. Eventually, everyone is forgotten.

3. If love doesn't develop out of some of your friendships, you're doing something wrong with your life.

4. Politically oppressive power can only really be destroyed by equalising political power amongst all men and women.

5. Use the materialist dialectic to pry various unities apart and examine them in their unities and so on to the last particularity you can find.

6. In any initial stage of communism (aka socialism), a producer should be able to draw from the associated producers' social store of goods and services in proportion to what she or he creates, quantified by society-wide, democratically approved/recognised labour time. Four hours of this sort of labour time into the social store gets the producer four hours worth of goods and services from the social store.

7. Never willingly give others the right to censor what you want to say.

A man took a boy to the cemetery saying, "Behold! They all followed the rules. They were good. They didn't complain. Don't you admire them?"

8. Advertising is capitalist graffiti.

9. A wage-slave has no security as an isolated individual which is just another reason why One Big Union of the working class is necessary.

10. There are lots of things and events in life-- motion between people, natural and human made disasters and so on.... Wisdom is having the capacity to choose which to remember and which to forget.

11. Sadists hate free individuals. Puritanical sadists are the worst.

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