Monday, October 29, 2012

Wobbly times number 157


"If you assume that there is no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, there are opportunities to change things, etc., there's a chance to contribute to the making of a better world. That's your choice."  - Noam Chomsky

Private property for whom?

Private personal property within a classless, Stateless, democratic society would be a given.  Common ownership would not apply to your socks, your dog, your partners or kids or to the home which you use.  Common ownership would only apply to the things we use collectively like: public transport, clothing outlets, universities, grocery distribution centres, aircraft factories and so on.

In class dominated societies, the producers of wealth remain in thrall, debt and servitude to rulers.  In a free association of producers, men and women enjoy equal political power amongst themselves.   Direct democracy has become a norm. 

Unity for what?

Harmony with what
with whom
For whose strength
do we depend 

One path leads to 
conserving human orders
of top-down power 
all hushed-up inside
so as not to disturb the 
harmonious hierarchy of the dour
for do so 
would be a sin
against human nature
according to some supernatural 
might even lead to 
bad karma
in some other way
be offensive 
to those
who would dominate 
through guilt tripping you
with claims of
moral superiority
with maybe a promise or two 
of pie in the sky 
when you die
or pair a dice 
through submission

The other way
of unity is
toward a solidarity 
for more freedom
not the freedom to do 
with your property
what you will
to be family patriarch 
as if humans and 
property objects 
in the same legally defined 
State enforced 
For freedom defined in such a way
is only freedom for one 
to have power over others' wills
and that's greed-dumb
my friend
no freedom at all

Made by humans 
freedom flows from instinct
in history's river of time
ever on 
toward an individual liberty
where the social condition for the freedom of each
is the common condition for the freedom of all
where equal political power
between all men and women
negates the negation of debt

Whereas collectively produced wealth 
as legalised 
private property
makes for
bondage & disciplines
servile bowing rituals
to the masters of the State
or workplace
or bedroom
of whatever owning class
or caste
or gender
or supposed superior 

Authorities who are ever ready to bring the whip on down
or brow beat you to injury and frown
for the sake of some power monger's
adrenal filled sadistic self-esteem
or crown

All that is done for
with common democratic ownership 
of wealth produced socially
and one forever rebellious NO! 
to domination and
YES! to unity 
for liberty and freedom's continuation

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