Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wobbly times number 166

“I know we're not saints or virgins or lunatics; we know all the lust and lavatory jokes, and most of the dirty people; we can catch buses and count our change and cross the roads and talk real sentences. But our innocence goes awfully deep, and our discreditable secret is that we don't know anything at all, and our horrid inner secret is that we don't care that we don't.” 
― Dylan Thomas


As we stand here
in our bondage
making  small talk
at the party
a festival of monogamous families
shining faces cover anguish
our secrets
Our private property is at the same time
for some time
 our mortgage
a promissory note 
based in near life terms worth of
our sold labour time

As we dance here
musically free
discussing philosophy
making love
living our time
the way we want to
the landlord  inspection
will happen
Landlords are like the irremediable  tragedy
of death

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