Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wobbly Times number 4


They can all go to hell

it doesn't matter to me

The world and all its troubles

it doesn't matter to me

It doesn't matter to them


It doesn't matter me

We're all no matter

no matter mate

We're all a mess here

don't you see

We don't give a flying...

about anything more

more than our immediate needs

you see

We're all a bunch of nincompoops

lying by the sea

on briney beaches

more like leeches

than whales are we

whales out in the sea

We're all sucking each other's blood

you see

it doesn't matter to me

The Earth is going belly up

but I'm all right

My MBA will soon be hatched

It doesn't matter to me

With job in hand

I'm realistic

I'll have a couple kids

or maybe even three

You see

the world may be all messed up

but it doesn't matter to me

Climate change is just word

I've got my car and wife and kids

I'll just have a cuppa tea

The leaders who are in charge

have always been in charge

I want to be one of them

but until I do

I'll be myself

cause it doesn't matter to me

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