Friday, April 10, 2009

Wobbly Times number 5

Real human beings for Marx were not people who groveled before kings or masters. Marx hated servility. Humans could only realise their full potential of freedom within classless, democratic social relationships. Nietzsche sees the repetition of social relations of dominance and submission to be a kind of eternal recurrence for humanity. Marx sees the potential to overcome social relations which degrade humanity through dictatorial government e.g. monarchies; but that potential can only be realised by human beings deliberately acting in concert for themselves.
Mike B)

"Such expressions of relations in general, called by Hegel reflex categories, form a very curious class. For instance, one man is king only because other men stand in the relation of subjects to him. They, on the contrary, imagine that they are subjects because he is king."<>

Humanity does not gradually progress from combat to combat until it arrives at universal reciprocity, where the rule of law finally replaces warfare; humanity installs each of its violences in a system of rules and thus proceeds from domination to domination."< Nietzsche

"the philistine is the material of the monarchy, and the monarch always remains only the king of the philistines; he cannot turn either himself or his subjects into free, real human beings while both sides remain what they are."<>
An individual has no security except through working class solidarity.

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