Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wobbly times number 118

Team Player

Larrikin to corporate high flyers
there you sit
on top of your childhood dreams
and a pile of money
playing footy
for your team
just as you did when
you were once a child and teen
Oh what a time that was
The coach was stern
and you would learn
discipline while on the field
sometimes you had to show
who’s boss
and your mates amongst
the working class
drinking mid-strength
in the stands
and together with the richer ones
behind the glass
and in the comfy seats
where the full-strength beer
and champagne flowed
all of  them
would raise a cheer
when you rammed the other team
injuries galore
reconstructed knees and noses
shoulders too
But you would soldier on
through the national anthem
then the game and then
“Advance Australia fair”
to the pub
where sometimes you were bad boys
in your corporate sponsors’ eyes
and those who drank champagne
and full-strength beer
at all the games
They’d diss your larrikin ways
being such an uncivilised
suspension for
pissing on a public wall
or getting into common brawls
and like the Brit Police
in times afore
they’d taunt you in the news
with some national pride to boot
Loyalty to the bosses would be demanded
especially their image
“No tarnish please”
You’d become their public face
They’d turn on you
all claiming grace
For they’d want their markets
to be safe
for their children
and for yours
to make heroes out of
loyal servants of the game
who’d fight for them
and them alone
our team
our nation
when the time is right
not when it is wrong
When they issue orders to attack
other nations
other teams
and those who break their law
you know
the larrikins and all

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