Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wobbly times number 127

Observations on September 11, 2001
written by
Michael Thomas Ballard
on September 12, 2001

murder is not a legitimate political weapon
murderers should be jailed for life
they're bad for our health
 fundamentalism is a dangerous ideology
no matter what its dogmatic flavor
oh suicidal self-abnegation
is your name only kamikaze
if I thought the "U. S. is the great satan"
then i'd guess i'd think that god was on my side
especially if I was dirt poor and ignorant
"gott mit uns" was inscribed on the belt buckles
of german soldiers
who took off to smash the U.S.S.R on june 22, 1941
hitler "heroically" shot himself four years later
feeling betrayed by "his" deutsches volk
let us hear the war cries coming from the bravest of the future non-combatants
many of them "our" leaders
"let us prey,"
they say out loud
 for the teevee audiences of the world
half devoured children dripping from their mouths

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