Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wobbly times number 129

On Reading
by Jared Diamond

It is disquieting
like watching one large accident
about to happen
with most every body
looking way away
far too willfully blind
too caught up
busy in our billions
burying noses
in some million dollar
owner’s  business
sticking the Earth
“our faire sister
in the side of the dawn”
with fences
symbolic markers around
“a vast accumulation of commodities”
which make up our wealth
especially our current Nature

it doesn’t affect
my children
my S.O.s!
Just leave me mate
the hell alone!”

And the Disquiet
worms its way
into our computed days
Somehow we know
in some fashion sense
sleep loss
weight gain
fear of our childrens’ tears
we’ve always done our work this way
just as we do it now
We sit upon an eve

and think
that we will never ever fall

I give us fifty years
old mate
give or take a few
We’ll slowly boil like lobsters
one by one
then two by two
while unbeknownst to all of us
we’ll turn a deep red hue

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