Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wobbly times number 153

by Mike Ballard

What if you were given
power over others
Would you get your kicks
at their expense
or would you
refuse the role
refuse the role
You have the will
and there’s a way
Refuse the role
refuse the role
What if you were treated
to abuse and active scorn
Would you get your satisfaction
blowing master’s horn
loyal to humiliation
like a Pavlov’s dog
or would you
refuse the role
refuse the role
The roles we are
assigned to play
just keep us
in our
slave-like ways
refuse the roles
refuse the roles
Live free
Live wild
Associate as equal mates
in one big union free
and don’t let the bosses
put you down
refuse to roll
refuse their roles 
originally published in 

Australian Wobbly Poetry, Scurrilous Doggerel, and Song

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