Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wobbly times number 154


I joined the party
became a comrade
put my passion in
Facing hostile public words
"Go back to Russia!"
with leaflets
explaining our very rational
Gave my trust
my name 
and all my ambition
Spoke my mind
once too often
Stepped on toes
in honest confusion
And then
my comrades turned
on me and those I loved
Made me look the simpleton
I left and licked my wounds
Then later
joined a union
Once again
did I begin 
so full of passion
honestly relating
once too often
and got myself in trouble
with the keepers of the cage's keys
Got brought up on
some trumped up charges
racial slurs
and sexism
all by petty power mongers
in search of self-esteem
And then I quit their games
refused their rule
"Begone?" said I
"Of that
you can depend"
And now
I'm back where I began
I think
I'll just begin


  1. Where was I when all this happened? Well, I published a blog story too:

  2. I edited and republished so it would be entered in Nov.

  3. This piece describes the time in my life between 1972 and 2012. I'll read your story today.

  4. I remember that story from your life. Wasn't the commodified sex site 'Literotica'?

    Anyway, well written, as usual. I tried to post a comment at the link you gave me for San Diego Reader but it kept refusing my details i.e. they weren't 'valid'. So, I gave up.

  5. Yes, Literotica is the commodified sex site. You have a great memory. It's a shame your comment wouldn't work because there are a lot of ignorant readers on that site and I'm always afraid to see their comments. I don't mind if people disagree with me or don't like my ideas, but when they miscomprehend what I say and attribute incorrect ideas to me, that's when I get annoyed. Anyway, on your blog I always try to post under my old AIM username, but it just ends up posting under some random string of numbers and letters. Weird. For awhile I got burnt out on writing, especially when I contributed it for free, but I get inspired by great writers like yourself, so if I do write, I like it to be in a forum where I can potentially win a cash prize. The odds are low, but at least it gives one hope. Did I tell you I won a charm bracelet in an essay contest last year? It's fun to get rewarded for your writing.