Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wobbly Times number 24

LAST DAYS OF EARTH (as we know it)

October Perth I

a fresh cool breeze
from last night's rain
blows through
clear blue skies again
green hued leaves
bleary reds of
bottle brushes
sweeping hints
of lilac blossom
brown seeds
tip from hats
of flowers
waving free
vibrating orange
and yellows too
wake yet
another spring
from winter's reign
shaking sleepies
from its brain

October Perth II

Spring is here

Cold then warm

Breeze and Sun

Cloud hides heat

and then flows on

flowers bees

the whole shebang

Promising blues skies

beckon me





all there

in and out

of you


Friday, September 11, 2009

Wobbly Times number 22

Productivity is measured as a worker's average output of wealth per hour. You've all done very well! Your productivity has skyrocketed over the years. Congratulations!

Workers productivity

International workers productivity comparisons

Wages and Benefits: Real Wages (1964-2004)
Average Weekly Earnings (in 1982 constant dollars)
For all private nonfarm workers
Year Real $ Change
1964 302.52
1965 310.46 2.62%
1966 312.83 0.76%
1967 311.30 -0.49%
1968 315.37 1.31%
1969 316.93 0.49%
1970 312.94 -1.26%
1971 318.05 1.63%
1972 331.59 4.26%
1973 331.39 -0.06%
1974 314.94 -4.96%
1975 305.16 -3.11%
1976 309.61 1.46%
1977 310.99 0.45%
1978 310.41 -0.19%
1979 298.87 -3.72%
1980 281.27 -5.89%
1981 277.35 -1.39%
1982 272.74 -1.66%
1983 277.50 1.75%
1984 279.22 0.62%
1985 276.23 -1.07%
1986 276.11 -0.04%
1987 272.88 -1.17%
1988 270.32 -0.94%
1989 267.27 -1.13%
1990 262.43 -1.81%
1991 258.34 -1.56%
1992 257.95 -0.15%
1993 258.12 0.07%
1994 259.97 0.72%
1995 258.43 -0.59%
1996 259.58 0.44%
1997 265.22 2.17%
1998 271.87 2.51%
1999 274.64 1.02%
2000 275.62 0.36%
2001 275.38 -0.09%
2002 278.91 1.28%
2003 279.94 0.37%
2004 277.57 -0.84%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Your real wages have gone down, down, down since 1964. At the same time, your real productivity has gone up, up, up. You're being screwed fellow workers and you think you're so classless and free.

And the everyday solution to this robbery of your time, wealth and power?

The Four Hour Day with no cut in pay.

"Whether you work by the piece or work by the day, decreasing the hours increases the pay." Mary Steward, wife of Ira Steward the eight-hour day pioneer.

"So long as there is one man who seeks employment and cannot obtain it, the hours of labor are too long.'" Samuel Gompers, first president of the American Federation of Labor.

"Further steps toward a reformation of society can never be carried out with any hope of success, unless the hours of labour be limited, and the prescribed limit strictly enforced." R.J. Saunders, English Factory Inspector, 1848.

"The limitation of the working-day is a preliminary condition without which all further attempts at improvement and emancipation must prove abortive..." Resolution adopted by the First Congress of the International Workingmen's Association, drafted by Karl Marx.

"A nation is really rich if the working day is 6 hours rather than twelve. Wealth is disposable time, and nothing more." Charles Wentworth Dilke.

"The ideal working day of the future cannot be eight hours, for it must be essentially a progressive ideal."/ Sydney J. Chapman

Workers are hired for wages. The total wage bill for the workers hired amounts to less than the new wealth they create during their time at work. Time is the key. Over the labour time, the good or service which the worker is producing amount to more than the wages they are hired for on the labour market. Wages now amount to about 12% of the wealth workers are employed to create in the USA. Another way of putting it is that the wages paid to our class for creating the wealth of an 8 hour day amount to about 12% of the working day or .96 of an hour.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wobbly Times number 21

Entre Nous Ma Cherie

Most of us

in the industrialsed world

face our banal lives


and tuck away

the fact that we

face nearly

instantaneous anilhillation

a souped-up holocaust

We also may be dimly aware

that millions of children

die each each year

for lack of clean water

(keep that one buried in your misanthropic id)


for the most part

our thought-time

is spent


for the boss

or commuting

sometimes for hours

with TV

shopping and

texting inbetween

roaming past

another screen

sitting front another

Be at peace baby

Don't you worry

'bout a thing

and take good care of your kids