Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wobbly times number 179


Large print is easier for those who are seeing impaired.  

Today's a nice 70 degrees fahrenheit.  Tomorrow, 70 degrees centigrade?  Who knows? Depends on how far forward you're projecting your tomorrows. I suspect the temperatures during mid-September will be in the 90s F by 2050. That's like the mid-30s for the celsius oriented. 

Still, the lizards are out, snapping up some insects on their quick, lurching hunt. Beautiful, the day is. With Sacred Ibis flying cross the pale blue sky, a gentle breeze issues slowly across the fern leaves. Yes, ferns have leaves.  And our Sun, radiating the brighter light of the coming spring, which this year falls on the 23rd.  I mean the vernal equinox. 

It's September, 2014 in Perth, Australia.  

Liberty is being attacked but, it has always been unpopular with rulers big and small. Liberty was never granted.  Slavery has been imposed by others on us, to various degrees and with our acquiescence within political boundaries of our own making.  Still, we demand liberty. But we have not always had the power to enforce our will. That power has come by degree over the centuries. Our power has grown since enough of us united against chattel slavery.  

Chattel slavery didn't die as complete a death as many of us would like to think during the era of feudalism. French and Spanish ship crews knew that they could be captured and held as slaves by the Moors/Saracens until they were ransomed as they sailed the Mediterranean Sea.  This was a norm during the centuries when the feudalist mode of production prevailed.  Owning and power were accepted as being beyond the notion of liberty.  It was the Dark Ages and they are still with us in many ways today.