Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wobbly times number 154


I joined the party
became a comrade
put my passion in
Facing hostile public words
"Go back to Russia!"
with leaflets
explaining our very rational
Gave my trust
my name 
and all my ambition
Spoke my mind
once too often
Stepped on toes
in honest confusion
And then
my comrades turned
on me and those I loved
Made me look the simpleton
I left and licked my wounds
Then later
joined a union
Once again
did I begin 
so full of passion
honestly relating
once too often
and got myself in trouble
with the keepers of the cage's keys
Got brought up on
some trumped up charges
racial slurs
and sexism
all by petty power mongers
in search of self-esteem
And then I quit their games
refused their rule
"Begone?" said I
"Of that
you can depend"
And now
I'm back where I began
I think
I'll just begin